Paul now produces bespoke metalwork for a range of clients in the UK and Europe. His work varies from one-off garden gates to large, ornate balustrades for manor houses.

When working on a commission Paul offers an individual service tailored to the needs of the client – from design through to installation. Quality in design, production and finish are the defining features of Paul’s work, also having years’ of experience in all aspects of construction, renovation and installation of properties make the end result robust, reliable, long-lasting, hard-wearing and, above all, beautiful and artistic.

A perfectionist with an eye for detail, Paul’s work is finished to the highest standard, often combining traditional and contemporary techniques. His work shows consideration for the natural materials he works with and he often prefers the use of natural finishes which bring out the characteristics of the metal.

Paul works with traditional metalworking techniques such as forging, welding, grinding, hammering and drilling and finishing techniques such as plating, galvanising, acid washes and polishing.

Paul works with a small team of skilled metalworkers and industry service providers such as platers, cutters, galvanisers and sandblasters.






exterior metalwork

interior metalwork